Kid Gets Humiliated in School for THIS.. (the ending will shock you)

19 Mar 2021
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Here is my reaction the the collab with @Dhar Mann ! Such an amazing, inspiring video. Be sure to subscribe to both of us for a chance to win a PS5!
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    • Hell no, telling everyone to drop their emails and other media accounts in the comments section for a ps5. Feck off.

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    • I one ps5!!!!!!

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    • hey rug I am shy to

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    • Im shy to

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  • You just staring at the camera you (gets 20million views and 19million likes

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  • This is what I’m going three bruh (I’m shy)

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  • is this guy really reacting to his own video?? man wth 😂

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  • I love eating by myself

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  • grgrgrggrgrgrg

    sabastvfg villanuevasabastvfg villanueva8 orë më parë
  • He’s never going to get a girlfriend if he acts like that to his brother

    Megan ScottMegan Scott9 orë më parë
  • Im very shy i don’t want to sign

    MJSarra7 RazgallahMJSarra7 Razgallah10 orë më parë
  • done

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  • I'm really shy if I moved school I would be like .......... Teacher:calls my name for the register Me:k-k-kane?

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  • i am subed and i get notifications but i disliked the this vid cause it is so heart breaking. i used to get bullied but i did something wright a it went away. thank you FaZe Rug for spreading positive vibes. keep it up

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  • Where is Allie can you show me him

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  • rug got violated lol

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  • Ay yo I subbed to you and dhar man

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  • Same I am shy

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  • yeah thats right shy is a super power when i start school all said im a loser but i just im new and why do i dont need to be shy to not be a loser bruh so thats right

    Noah PetterssonNoah PetterssonDitë më parë
  • I know that you are shy growing up

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  • Im so shy Im scared to knock at my neighbour door to ask if you wanna play

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  • Why does his bro want to roast Faze Rug

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  • All those popular People In high school

    rainbow gagarainbow gagaDitë më parë
  • 10:35 😅😅🤣

    Kevin Cuenca MendezKevin Cuenca MendezDitë më parë
  • am shy and i get pick on but i just ingore thoses ppl i only have one friend and am happy to have a friend

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  • done

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  • I was shy to make my vids but i made it!

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  • faze rug i want to ask a question ik this shy kid is acting but is he in faze??

    manaya masrimanaya masri2 ditë më parë
  • I have no friends i m shy too usually i do eat by myself but i just dont let anyone bully me

    Me OwMe Ow2 ditë më parë
  • I’m also shy but I have lots of friends XD but I don’t have a channel and I’m just a kid

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  • I’m a huge fan!

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  • That other kid is named brandon

    No tryouts Mad-gamerNo tryouts Mad-gamer2 ditë më parë
    • In Crimson there is the maid Marie

      No tryouts Mad-gamerNo tryouts Mad-gamer2 ditë më parë
  • Yo i can relate i feel like i will never go anywhere in life cause im shy i now realize what more i can do thanks alot

    Griselda CoronaGriselda Corona2 ditë më parë
  • My goal is to get more popular then mrbeat when I’m an adult

    2A-07- Dhavala Jannya Wijaya2A-07- Dhavala Jannya Wijaya2 ditë më parë
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  • Why is he going to give away 5 ps5,becuse is a ps5.

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  • This is why faze rug is my favorite ALgonesr

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  • that backfired ig

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  • unpause the vudeio

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  • Rugs!

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  • being fuckin shy sucks I’m shy no hate this a lie

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  • Good videos

    ÑØ ŰPŁØÃĐÑØ ŰPŁØÃĐ2 ditë më parë
  • I saw the video when you were there when you weren’t filming it

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  • Thanks I’m super shy thanks for being who you are and GOD bless you

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  • am shy

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  • im also shy

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  • Never give up being a youtuber I’m also shy making videos but never give up being a ALgonesr i hope people reach they're dreams

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  • 7 year to be able on cam

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    • Not bad

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  • Love the story

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  • Done too I cant believe I found this late but thanks I'm subbed to both and I love the theme of this video.

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  • even for school I will be gone

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  • I am not shy;(

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  • Thank you rug you made me start my own Chanel thank you!

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  • Ik another one of these and ur in it

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  • Ur in the video

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